Simple ROI To Replace

N2 Cabinet
N2 Cost $ ~ 0.19 / M3
Electrical Cost $~ 0.06 / KwH
N2 Cabinet Consumption  ~ 25 Lt / Min
X Dry Cost $ ~ 7 600.00
Cost of Running N2 Cabinet
Consumption 25 Lt / Min  
1 080 000 Lt / Mth


1080 M3 / Mth  


Cost $ 205.20 / Mth $ 2462.40 / Yr
Cost of Running X Dry
Consumption 0.056 kW / hr  
40.32 kW / Mth  
Cost $ 2.42 / Mth $ 29.09 / Yr
Savings per Year $ 2 433.31
Cost of Cabinet $ 7 600.00
37.5 of Months for ROI
~3 Years

Dry Storage for: Printed Circuit Boards, Lenses & Optics, Laboratory Applications, Industrial Applications, Digital Media & Film, Preservation of Valuables

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Dry Cabinet Options

Totech America offers a wide selection of cabinets to choose from, including storage for printed circuit boards, optics, laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, collectables, media, and more (select an application at the top of this page). If you don’t find what you’re looking for click on our customs page, and our engineers will be happy to put together the perfect solution for you, at a cost that’s less expensive than you may think!